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CRB's coming back in less than 7 days!!!!

Good news for all of Completely CRB's clients.

There is no doubt that there has been a considerable increase in CRB efficiency and application time scales. Completely CRB's clients are currently receiving CRBs back in less than 7 days!!!

Nick Warburton, a Director of a Care Agency based Oxford and a client of Completely CRB commented, "I don't think in 7 years of trading we have ever received enhanced disclosures back so quickly. This is very good news for recruiters and organisations that need CRBs as part of their recuitment process. With CRB timescaleas reducing so dramatically,  the enables us to retain more of the workers we register and enabling us to get them out working quickly. The number of potential workers we have lost over the years due to how long it has taken for a CRB to come back must in the hundreds, and with recruimtent in Oxford being so expensive, we can't afford to loose a single candidate"