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Well, we’ve done it – we can help the self-employed get their own enhanced CRB

Current legislation does not allow us to apply for CRB disclosures on behalf of self-employed sole traders who want a CRB to show potential clients that they are a safe option. Nothing has changed there.

However, our sister company Completely Care specialises in recruitment and services for the health care, social care, health and education sectors …and they are duty bound to apply for an enhanced CRB disclosure on every new candidate as part of the registration process.

As a leading agency for roles that require CRB disclosures, they are always on the look-out for good quality contractors for short and long term contracts in schools, care homes and other sensitive environments. Historically, they have worked with carers, teachers and the like, but are now expanding their service to include self-employed sole traders who want to work in sensitive locations, with children or vulnerable adults.

There are certain criteria that you need to fill in order to register with Completely Care but, if you are successful, they will:

* verify your identity
* add you to their database of safe contractors
* promote your services to their national web of clients
* seek out additional work opportunities
* provide you with an enhanced CRB disclosure.

Visit to open up a world of new opportunities.