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CRB's for Trade and Maintenance workers - update from CRB

CRB have now received confirmation from the Department for Education that there is an entitlement in relation to Trade and maintenance workers when the work involved is carried out on school premises, BUT ONLY IN LIMITED CIRCUMSTANCES.

In essence, to obtain an Enhacned CRB with an ISA Childrens barred list, the work of the tradesperson must meet ALL the following criteria:

  • the work has to be carried out at a school regularly (once a week or more or on four days or more in a single month or overnight):
  • the work has to place regularly on the SAME school premises. For example, a tradesperson who works in serveral different schools, but only works in the same school once a firtnight, is not in regulated activity
  • the work has to involve the opportunity for contact with children at the school. If the work is done out of hours when no children are on site, or on a part of the site which is separated from areas where children have access, it is not regards as a regulated activity.

Where a school uses a trades / maintenance worker who works A) reguarly and B) at the same school and C) has the opportunity for contact with children, then this would be considered as carrying out Regulated Activity.......

This leave us wondering, are CRB actually there to help organisations make safer recruitment decisions based on all facts or are they about meeting policy. In our opinion, if someone has access to children, regardless to whether it is for an hour a week or more  they need to be checked out. It takes only 5 mins to abuse.........but it would seem CRB are more interested  in working to policy and in rejecting a persons eligabilty for a CRB based on whether the postions are "listed in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 - which excludes this type of worker, rather than ensuring that only suitable workers have access to our children, as already mentioned, somone with bad intentions only needs 5 mins to abuse.........